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RAID Explanation

Best explanation of Raid I've seen in a long time:Raided Watercooler
Stolen from http://www.epidauros.be/raid.jpg

Even Google Make Mistakes

Looks like Google managed to forget to renew the google.de domain. Oops :)

Impossible Projects

Got sent this link this morning. Some poor lad wants a Windows clone coded with a budget of $3000. This isn't the first time Microsoft faced such competition. One only has to look the Virtudyne saga on The Daily WTF.

You have to wonder if these people think about what they're proposing before announcing their stupidity to the world :)

Alarm Clock


I think I could do with a collection of these alarm clocks :) I could see some of them getting me into serious trouble with house mates though!

UPDATE: That link seems to have died, however I found a link to my favorite one, Clocky, The Hiding Alarm clock. This has been added to my wishlist of toys to get :)

UPDATE: Changed the Clocky link to the Nanda page.



Despite my better instincts, I've started up a blog. For those of you that don't know me, I'm Niall Donegan, a Sysadmin working with Blacknight in Carlow. Fortunately, I'm not from Carlow, instead hailing from Kerry.
There isn't likely to be a lot of posts appearing here, however I will try and put a few posts a week. Will be interesting to see how long it lasts anyway :)

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