I’m A Lotto Winner!!


If only :( Seemingly I have won €4.8 Million in the last 4 months. Unforunately all the notifications have been caught by my spam filter and thrown into my Spam folder. They also all seem to be from countries in which I have never been, and from Lotto organisations who can't afford anything more than a Hotmail or AIM address.

Do people honestly fall for this tripe?


How great to know that I am not the only winner :D . I have also won few BMWs and trips. That's why I created a filter moving such messages to trash immediately after receiving (I am using Evolution Email> http://www.gnome.org/projects/evolution/ ).

I've tried Evolution, but at the time it was talking to an Exchange server and dying repeatedly, even when using IMAP. I eventually went to Thunderbird so that I could have the easy life. Must try Evolution again at some stage, the Gnome and Gaim integration is nice!

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