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Seeing as I already have a lot of random accounts all over the place, I decided to sign up for another at Useless Accounts.

What do people do to manage their various accounts? What software is being used? Or are people simply using the same default password over and over again?

I have tried various software like PWMan and Gnome-keyring, but the problem with them is that they are tied to one PC. Putting all my passwords up on one https password protected page also doesn't appeal as I'm a paranoid fool at the best of times and don't trust any computer than isn't my own :)

My current solution, lots of use of the "Lost Password" link, works but tends to be annonying if you have greylisting enabled. Anyone have any handy solutions which will make my life easier :)

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I use GNU keyring on Palm ( gPilot has a plugin to allow you to sync and edit it on Linux

I'll 2nd bugmenot.

When it doesn't work (someones pwd not working) then use useless accounts or similiar and put that entry into bugmenot for next soul.


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