GAA Supporting Local Business?

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I have a nice plugin for Firefox from HostIP which shows you the country the url you are going to resides in. I was more than a bit surprised when I went for clicking on a link to and saw "Canberra, AU". As it turns out the main Gaa site is being hosted by Telstra Internet in Austrailia. Local GAA sites are being hosted in Ireland, for example is being hosted by Imagine.

On a purely technical basis, this is absurd. From my Magnet DSL, has to go over 20 routers in order to get to Telstra's server. It has to go through less than 10 to go to I would presume that the biggest audience for the GAA's website would be in Ireland. Surely it would make sense to host the site close to it's intended audience?

Getting away from the technical, the GAA receives a lot of money from the Irish taxpayer. I believe that this means that GAA should support Irish business unless there is no local alternative. For web hosting, there is no shortage of competition, my own employer among them. Why aren't the GAA obliged to support local business?

I do believe that the GAA do great work in Ireland. I would prefer to watch hurling or football over a Soccer match anyday. This is why seeing "Canberra, AU" in that little popup was such a disappointment. If anyone from the GAA reads this, please bring your business local!

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Well and are hosted in Ireland :) So at least local business is supporting local business.


You need more Kerry merchandise :)

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