Godfather Pizza Unable To Respond To Customer Feedback


Last January, I headed to the Godfather Pizza website to view their menu and order my uber-healthy supper. When I attempted to call the number for Godfathers Carlow on their website, I got nowhere. I checked a " Take-Away Express" booket that was in the house and got the right number. The number on the website is (059) 941 6666 while the actual number is (059) 914 6666. Being a nice lad :) once I ordered the Pizza, I emailed the only email contact I could see on the site (info@....).

I got a reply back saying that the information had been passed to Marketing Department, and I promptly forgot all about it. I'm just after going to the site to see the menu again, and the number is STILL wrong. I would have thought that something as simple as swapping 2 digits could be accomplished in 2 minutes, never mind 2 months.

I have no idea how much traffic Godfather Pizza get to their website, but seeing as Dominos have recently started taking orders online, I'm betting that the internet using public is a sizable percentage of their customer base. Godfather Pizza don't have the facility to order a pizza online, so the only contact you can have with them if you want a delivery is by phone. How much business have they lost by not having proper contact details on their site?

Update Mar 22th: Looks like the number has been changed. I'm not sure when, but the current last modified time for the page is: 03/20/2007 11:20:18 AM


It's just plain silly.
Not only are the contact details wrong, but they don't deliver at lunchtime either - so all the business goes to Dominos instead!

Anyway lads whos ever hear of Chinese run Italian pizzaria! :D


Chinese run? To be honest I didn't know and don't really care. They make decent pizza, and since I've spotted that they've updated the number, I've ordered twice. Both times the pizza has been out to the house within 20mins :)

It they could only do online ordering, I'd be sorted :)

‘Anyway lads whos ever hear of Chinese run Italian pizzaria! ‘

Not that it matters but I haven’t seen any Chinese people working in either of the two Godfather’s I eat in, oh I didn’t know you had to be American to work in a McDonalds! You clearly have some racial issues, how primordial of you, grow up (muppet).

Anyway, my two cents, I love the Pizza!

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