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Due to a bit of a cold I'm having a quiet night in with a few DVDs. I'm currently trying to figure out the whole idea behind the few minute long "Copyright Theft Is A Crime" crap at the start of some DVDs, which can't be skipped on most DVD players. I'll be the first to admit that it is a crime, but I have bought these DVDs legitimately and so am not really their target audience.

I'm pretty sure that if someone is counterfeiting the DVDs, they will already know that it's a crime. They have probably gotten over that hurler a long time ago.

Unforunately there is no way to easily find out what DVDs have this crap before buying so I can't really bycott the offending products :(


Those videos that show the dude robbing the car and the handbag just make video piracy look cool, instead of a crime.


I don't know about that, have had some idiot attempt to steal my car before :(

Erm, it's *not* a crime. That's why they have to sue you in a civil court, and why the police don't get involved.

Typically, only massive organised piracy on a commercial scale is considered criminal and prosecuted.

Also, the term copyright "theft" really isn't appropriate. If I steal something, you no longer have it. But that generally isn't the case with modern consumer-level copyright infringement.

Incidentally, these ridiculous warnings can be skipped in many open-source players with the right bit of magic.


If that's the case, why are they putting the warning in? Surely they are leaving themselves open for claims of false advertising?

I am well aware that the likes of MPlayer and Totem can happily skip it. I prefer the big TV screen though

@ Colm

A lot of the ads are aimed at dissuading people from buying bootleg DVDs from organisations that do it on a commercial level.

The downloading of copyright content is usually in breach of your ISP's usage policy, so whether it's a crime or not they'd be entitled to cut you off


My pet hate are the ads they show at the start of films in the cinema, and some rental dvds. I've already paid a small fortune for my ticket and overpriced coke - surely they've squeezed enough money out of me? I'd rather see more trailers than 4 car ads.


That's why I normally end up 10mins late into the Cinema :)


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