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Have come across some strange captchas before including one where you had to select kittens. Hot Captcha has to be the strangest though. It takes three high scoring female (or male) pics from Hot Or Not and six not so hot pics and you have to select the three hottest. How long before this will be implemented on a production site?

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Hot Captcha... from Too Far North on March 27, 2007 12:57 PM

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Excellent! Its becoming more and more difficult to figure out if a browser is really human, or some programmed entity designed to get through authentication mechanisms and post SPAM everywhere. have come up with a way. You are pr... Read More


hmmm I like this, but I did test it and some of the pictures were blocked by my WebWasher program in work. Taking the values from is a good idea. Say anyone with an 8.0 or higher is classed as hot and less than 5.0 isn't.

Cormac did you check that girls other pictures ? :D




It can be a nice bit of eyecandy on the site, pity that the prudes writing webwasher are afriad of a bit of flesh :)

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