Just For The Cuteness Factor



Unfortunately they don't stay that small and cute for long. Duke is now a lot bigger than his mother, and definitely a lot bolder :)


can I have one!!! sooo cute! see this is why I like dogs and not cats!

All mine :) That photo was taken last July, he's lost the cuteness, but not the playfulness!

:( I wanna puppy, or else a small dog. big ones kinda frighten me tbh. There is a massive Alsation around the corner from me, never on a lead and runs around the place. Not cool! puppy cute though!!

Duke was the name of my first dog. When I was an infant he would pick me up by bitting onto some of my clothes and bring me around the house.



Must have been one big dog to manage that. This Duke is more likely to jump you when stumbling down the road after a good night out :) Which is grand unless he's just after doing a quick walk around the cattle and is sort of dirty!

Niall, you know Gypse is a way nicer dog. . . here's the proof. . . http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/jerdonegan/Gypse

Jer sorry Duke is much cuter

Now could someone please give me a puppy!

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