Why Excel Ends Up Being Used As A Database

While browsing round Easons in Blanchardstown yesterday, I came across "The Best Software Writing I", strangely enough in the Fantasy section. There are some brilliant gems in there, and it does achieve Joel's goal of being interesting to read. The funniest I have come across so far has been Excel As A Database by Rory Blyth. It's a fairly old post, but it goes a long way towards explaining why I regularly see Word documents with just one picture in them.


Excel is a poor mans database. Just like text files!


I would even consider Access a poor mans database :) Never mind Excel!

Access, BLAH! I have one thing to say to everybody...GET A REAL DATABASE! SQL!

Maybe software writing was their idea of fantasy?

Magic with binary and HTML?


Get yourself a nice mysql or postgresql install and be happy :)


Magic? It all starts to make sense.

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