Carlow Municipal Wifi Network

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As Damien has already mentioned, E|Net announced a new Wifi network in Carlow today. According to the article Brisknet, Aptus and Bitbuzz are going to be the initial providers of Wifi access in the town.

I have been fairly unimpressed with the details available online about the wireless network though. There is absolutely no information on the E|Net site that I can see, not even a mention in the News sidebar.

Brisket's coverage maps only cover Roscommon, Mayo and Galway. There is no mention of Carlow on their site at all.

Bitbuzz is a bit better. They mention the Fairgreen shopping centre in their list of hotspots, but that's it.

Aptus (What a site!!) have nothing on their site about coverage in Carlow, or about anything for that matter!

The whole project to get Wifi in the town is a great idea, and I look forward to when it is actually useful. However the announcement that it has gone live seems to be very premature, one hot-spot in a shopping center is not a municipal WiFi network.

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Hi, although Bitbuzz is looking at going on the Carlow network, we are not gong up on it yet. Our Kylemore Fairgreen hotspot predates the e-net nework by a long time and is completely separate.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the quick response! Is there any timeline for getting on the Carlow network?


Not yet as we're still looking at the technical implementation. All going well we'll go ahead soon


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