Carlow Wifi Followup


Due to the lack of online information about the Carlow Wifi project, I did a quick drive around Carlow with a laptop and USB GPS dongle. Using Kismet I was able to pick up six networks with the essid of "Carlow Town low cost WiFi Access".

I was lacking an external antenna for the laptop wireless so I could have missed more than a few, however I did manage to pick up eighty three wireless networks in a ten minute drive around town!

I have created a quick Google Map with the locations of the six Carlow Town access points which can be accessed here. When I manage to find my wireless card with external antenna, I'll do a proper drive around the town and put up the results.


Why is their no information on the web about Carlow Wi-Fi? Another half-baked, half thought out idea from C-CoCo


There is Wifi in the town, however there seems to be no public information available about it. Might do another wardrive soon to see what's out there.


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