Can Banks Give ATMs Some Bit Of Intelligence?

I went up to an Ulster Bank ATM during the week, put in my card, and pressed the option up on screen for €40. The machine buzzed away for a few seconds, and then kindly informed me that it could only give out multiples of €50. This is by no means an uncommon occurrence. But why should it be so common? It can't be all that hard for an ATM to keep track of whether or not it has a certain note available. Why can't it check what notes it can provide before giving options to the user? This is simple maths which anyone can do, never mind a computer. We trust banks with our money every day, yet this simple maths problem seems to elude them.


Good point. Also, how many of the ATMs are multi lingual? The amount of times I have been stuck behind a struggling Johnny Foreigner is unreal. Especially in Dublin, maybe not so much a problem in tropical Carlow? :)

No shortage of foreigners in Carlow either, sure didn't I migrate from Kerry to Carlow :)

The only multilingual machines I've seen have been in Gaeltacht areas. And I'll usually select the English option.

I dunno now, Niall. When I used to live in Cork, a good chunk of the ATMs worked allowed you to work as Gaeilge. Although I'd hear the odd few people conversing in Irish, I wouldn't consider Cork part of the Gaeltacht.

Same goes for Sligo Town.

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