Useful DNS Queries

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I have come across a couple of handy little trick for DNS recently which I'm going to throw up here just to save me searching when I need them in the future :)

Getting The Version Of A DNS Server

To get the version of a DNS server, you can run the following command:
dig @dns_server_you_want_to_check +short version.bind chaos txt
It is very easy for the server administrator to change this to whatever they want, but it's still a handy command.

Getting The Whois Server For A Top Level Domain

I found the following command for finding the whois server for a TLD on the Nominet Blog.
dig +short srv
This should return:
10 0 43
This means that the whois server for .ie is listening to port 43 at Unfortunately, not all TLDs support this, most noticeably .com.

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I wouldn't worry too much about .com. It's the ccTLDs that don't even have a whois server that drive me mad!


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