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Michele posted about the fun and games with Domainnews and copyright two months ago. Domainnews seem to have finally realised  and their "Chief Editor" has replied claiming innocence. Unfortunately he still does not seem to realise what he has done wrong, and he still hasn't as much as apologised yet. In fact Michele had to send a DMCA Takedown notice to Google before anything was done. For fun and giggles I had a look at the Domainnews site and spotted a post attributed to "press" which is a copy of the press release here. According to Domainnews: "press is one of our editors and not someone we are trying to credit this to". What's even more fun is that the DotAsia press release is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution License (look at the icon at the bottom left of DotAsia's press release) which probably means that DotAsia would at least like a link back. Even if they didn't have the CC license, it is just a common courtesy to link back to the originating site, even for a press release. There is no point posting about DotAsia starting a new program, if the reader can't click on a link and have a look around to get more details. The whole whole point of the Internet was/is to share information.


They're basically press release recycling with some horrific editing

man, you talk so much bullshit, I read your posts on Micheles Blog. Man you must be so blind. in most posts they have links to other sites, even on that one from dotasia, the have a direct link to the pioneer domains. you must be a very unhappy person to make so much efforts to show that they are bad. I like very much michaels blog and I like domainnews, people like you should stop reading sites they dont like.
for me it looks like that domainnews tried to find a way to fix problems, so where is your problem. shut up man!


The only reason that link is there is because the original post was copied verbatim and Wordpress automatically added the link. In fact from looking at most of the posts on the front page at the moment, the only links that are there are ones which WordPress would have added automatically, ie, words starting with http://. Standard links seem to be beyond them.

You claim DomainNews have tried to find a way to fix the problems. I know for fact that Michele has yet to receive as much as an apology for the post they copied verbatim. The only reason it was taken down was that Michele went to the time and bother of asking Google to do a DMCA.

DomainNews is a great idea, but if they're not willing to credit their sources, they are going to run into more and more trouble.


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