Irish Drivers And Indicators

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Why is it so hard for a a sizable minority of Irish drivers to use an indicator? Having people slow down for no apparent reason and then swerve into a turn without any prior indication is no fun. Or for extra bonus points, stop for a full thirty seconds watching the lack of oncoming traffic and then turn to the right just as a car behind you attempts to overtake!

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Or try sitting at the entrance to a roundabout only to watch every car turn off before reaching you, but not indicating so you have no idea where they are going so you just sit there....and sit.... They could hire students or something in the summer to sit in the middle of the roundabouts taking pics of these people and posting out fines. Maybe... Anyway the driving test in this country is a joke. Drive around a housing estate for 30 minutes at 50km/ph and suddenly your a certified as a competent driver. joke!

Why else do they think those lights are called 'indicators'? Do they not think the purpose is to indicate something? Perhaps what direction they intent to take? Their called 'indicators' for a reason folks - not 'flashy lights'.

Bitter, me? Heavens no.

John: I would have had no trouble turning this into a two page rant about indicators, but they might have been a bit pissed off at me in work!!!

Ken: ohhh!!!! Flashy!!!! Drool!!

At least I know that my brakes are working grand thanks to the idiot who stopped for 30 seconds (length of the ad on the radio) before deciding to turn right as I overtook :/

There is a new website after starting which highlights bad driving on Irish Roads called shite drivers.

Irish drivers are the worst ever seen. You should rather ride horses then try to understand what driving car is. No rules, no skills, no even instinct!

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