Solution To "Enhancement" Spam

Just after having a rare look through my "High Spam" folder, and there is a massive amount of the usual Male Enhancement spam there. The spammers aren't sending all this just for fun of it, so there has to be idiots in the world who happily click on the links and buy the product.

 I wonder how ethical it would be for ISPs to send out a fake spam to customers with a link to an ISP controlled site. If they click on the Pay button and enter credit card details, have the confirmation page tell them something like:
"We know who you are and we have your account details. If you click on a spam like this again we will list your name and address on a public list of idiots. Your credit card has been charged a €5 stupidity fine".

It would probably break more data privacy and trade description laws than I know exist, but it could dry up one form of spammer income in a hurry :)

Wishful thinking?


Wouldn't the public list of idiots be the ultimate spammer paydirt? I reckon you'd be better off charging the stupidity fine, and cutting off their internet for a while...

Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been sort of neglecting the blog :)

Actually, a public list of gullible idiots who fall for the spam would be very handy if we could then convince spammers to just target them and leave the rest of us alone.

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