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Why is it so hard for a a sizable minority of Irish drivers to use an indicator? Having people slow down for no apparent reason and then swerve into a turn without any prior indication is no fun. Or for extra bonus points, stop for a full thirty seconds watching the lack of oncoming traffic and then turn to the right just as a car behind you attempts to overtake!

Limerck Traffic Gone Mad?


While I was dropping Ewan into the Train Station in Limerick today, we were both surprised to see every traffic light flashing either yellow or red. Ewan rang the Gardaí to find out what the story was, only to be told that they were all off because of the Limerick Vs Tipperary replay.

This might make some bit of sense if they had Gardaí at the intersections doing point duty, but there was nothing. Trying to drive across O'Connell Street was like playing Russian Roulette with oncoming traffic, but people had no choice but to take silly chances in order to get out. It was surprising that there was no accidents.

Can anyone thing of any valid reason to turn off all traffic lights in a city because there there might be a bit extra traffic due to a match? Maybe turn off traffic lights at some of the major choke points and put Gardaí on point duty at them in order to keep traffic flowing, but all lights? Imagine what would happen in Dublin if they turned off every traffic light in North Dublin just because there was a match on in Croke Park.

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